CWU Geology Department Web

Welcome to the CWU Geology Department web services. The Geology Department webservers currently host the following web sites:

In the past the Geology Department hosted some additional sites which have since been moved to other campus servers. Links to those new locations follow:

Department Page Editing Interface

The Geology Department has a couple of pages managed through an online editing interface. Changes to content are made through a form and then the final page is generated by combining the content information and a page template.

The following pages are managed in this way:

Department Mail Lists

The department maintains a set of email lists to simplify bulk mailing to department faculty, staff and students. The lists are set up to constrain who can send mail to them and who can see the list of email addresses that make up each list (to avoid spam problems).

Faculty and staff can see the current set of mail lists and member addresses at You'll need your email username and password to get in. If you have accessing the page contact Craig and he'll get you set up.